About Me

Welcome to Notes From Pig City. This is my little online repository for as much of my journalism as can be kept here. Published pieces will be reposted here as soon as they can be, and of course there will be occasional exclusive items too, that appear nowhere else. They are a bit special, because they are the ones I don’t get paid for and so are written purely for my own gratification, and hopefully yours. Ooh err. I think I’d better stop there.

I have a wide variety of obsessions, and they’re reflected by the number of tabs in the main menu. You can click through those, or the archive on the side bar to find what you might be interested in, whether you’re a casual visitor or looking for something specific.

I used to drive a cab a couple of nights a week to keep afloat. I occasionally wrote about those adventures on a separate blog which I call Mad Maxi. I might or might not collect all those stories and many more one of these days.

This site used to be known as Friction. I’ve decided to change it to something that’s more clearly identified with my work and the place I live.

Please understand I’m a little skittish about publishing my personal email address here but if you want to get in touch, you can send me a message via the Contact tab, or via Twitter (@staffo_sez). An additional note: please don’t get in touch with promotional material about your band or anything else; such inquiries will be treated as spam. If I want to write about you, I’ll be in touch.